Store Updates

Posted on 15 Jan 2019 21:32

Hello! We have a few things we'd like to let our customers know.

1. We offered free shipping over all USA orders over $50, but there was a problem with Brickowl not saving the shipping method if there wasn't any charge. We have changed it to $0.01 shipping on all USA orders over $50.

2. As of the date this blog post was made, we are currently listing regular plates 3x3 and larger, along with all kinds of minifigure items (including heads, hands, weapons, body-wear, utensils, and more!). Expect many more of these items to show up on our store over the next couple of weeks.

3. Some users seem to be having problems with finding out to apply coupon codes to their orders. You cannot apply a coupon through the checkout process. Instead, you must view your cart before checkout. There is a button "Coupons" that you click; then you can punch in a coupon and apply it.


Thanks to everyone for checking out our store. Don't forget about coupon code 10%OFF to get 10% off your order (excluding sets); there's still over 40 uses left for the code!